Spruce Up Your Landscape!

Spring is here, it is that time of year to go outside enjoy the sunny days and break out the gardening tools. Start planning where the flowers are going to be planted, trimming up the bushes and possibly adding those extra bird feeders. That is when you realize there is one more detail that you are dreading dealing with and that is mulching all those areas. There is still a good layer of mulch on the ground that is still a couple of inches deep. Why put more down and spend more money and time when there is no need for it? If you have been laying mulch for years, you know that if you lay more mulch it can prevent irrigation to the roots and cause damage to your plants but you really want the look that new mulch has.

There is a solution that can save you time and money, recolor your mulch with a simple spray, Mulch Refresh. Mulch Refresh is a new product on the market that is a concentrated dye that can be mixed with water and then applied to your existing mulch.

Before you get started using a mulch dye spray there are some basic supplies that you will need:

  • A multi-purpose garden sprayer
  • A bottle of Mulch Refresh
  • Old clothes that you do not mind getting stained
  • Gloves and goggles for protection of the eyes and skin, mainly to prevent temporary coloring
  • Cardboard or plastic to cover areas that you do not want colored by the dye

When you have everything all together, simply mix the dye with water as instructed in the sprayer and stir it really well. Give it a few pumps, hold the sprayer a few inches away, and apply the mixture on your existing faded mulch. If you apply it horizontally than vertically it will give you the best results for coverage and color.

There are many benefits to Mulch Refresh:

  1. Increases curb appeal if you are selling your home.
  2. Make your garden look great for that big event you are hosting.
  3. Spend less time doing yard work ad more time just relaxing in the nice weather.
  4. Impress the neighbors and guests with your beautiful yard.

Mulch Refresh is available in three most common mulch colors; red, black, and brown. If you are interested in sprucing up your landscape for less than purchase a bottle at mulchrefresh.com.