Red Mulch Dye

Red 32oz Mulch DyeWhen people choose a mulch they look for aesthetic appeal and what will make their landscaping really pop. People who are really looking for a way to add some color to their garden choose red mulch to lay in their flower beds and around their bushes. As the season progresses, the sun beats down on the mulch making it look faded and washed out over time. Mulch Refresh red mulch dye can restore the color to your mulch without having to struggling with the hassle of laying all new fresh mulch. Renew the color with a simple, quick and easy solution.

  1. Shake the bottle of mulch dye.
  2. Measure out 8 ounces and pour it into a gallon of water in a basic garden sprayer.
  3. Grab a long paint stick and stir the dye an water to mix it thoroughly
  4. Pump the sprayer.
  5. Begin to spray the color on the faded mulch in a horizontal direction.
  6. Then spray in a vertical direction to ensure complete coverage.
  7. Let dry for about an hour.

*You want to be sure that once you spray the mulch it will no be exposed to any rain or water for several hours.

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