Mulch Spray Paint

Have you noticed that your flower beds are looking a little dull because your mulch has faded?

There is a solution to this that does not require you to lay a whole new layer of fresh mulch that is quick, simple, and easy. You can use a mulch spray paint that is a concentrated dye that you can mix with water.

To put down fresh new mulch can take time and may not be necessary. If you lay too much mulch you can actually harm your plants rather than nourish them. By using a simple mixture to renew the color you can save money and take less time to achieve that fresh new look.

Mulch spray paint is what it sounds like, a colored liquid that you can spray on your pre-existing mulch with a basic garden sprayer, you can purchase at your local home and garden store. You take eight ounces of Mulch Refresh mulch color and mix it with a gallon of water in the sprayer. Mix the water and the dye very well before application to ensure a steady even flow of color. Pump the sprayer and apply an even coat all over the old mulch.

Mulch Refresh is referred to as a mulch spray paint, colorant, or dye that provides consistent coverage that will last up to several months after application. The technology used makes the liquid mulch dye a superior product compared to that on the market. The dye contains ultra-fine particles that are evenly dispersed throughout the liquid ensuring an even coat.

For directions on how to apply the mulch spray paint click here and check out the available colors,