Mulch Dye

There are many products on the market that can make your yards, flower beds and landscaping look beautiful and lush. In order to keep up that appearance and you have to maintain it, water plants, trim the hedges, and pull those occasional weeds that like to pop up.

Mulch dye that you can spray on to your existing mulch to bring back the color that has faded from the year before or just from the sun beating down on it for several months is a more recent product that is available. It is a simple concentrated dye that can be mixed with water in a garden gallon size pump sprayer and then sprayed on to the mulch.

If you lay mulch every year, you know you have to lift heavy bags around the yard and cut them open to let the mulch out and then spread it all your hands. The other option if get some delivered and that is more work because you have to put in a wheel barrel and push it around and then shovel it out around the areas. With the mulch dye you can cut all this out and make it much easier on you, your back and knees.

Benefits to a do it yourself mulch dye:

  • Cuts down on the cost of mulching every time it fades
  • Save you a lot of time working in the yard and more time enjoying it
  • Can add a lot of curb appeal to your home
  • Add brightness to your overall landscaped areas

Mulch Refresh makes a high quality ultra-concentrated mulch dye that gives you the best results. You mix 8 ounces of the dye with a gallon of water and simply pump it out with the sprayer onto the exposed mulch areas. If you spray the dye in an up and down motion, then across from side to side you will ensure the optimal coverage and achieve the desire look.

You do want to be sure that you are covering all the areas that you do not want exposed to the dye because it will color those areas and the color will take time to wear off and fade. Use a plastic tarp or a piece of cardboard to protect against the little bit of spray that does fly away.

Contact info@mulchrefresh.com for more information or place your order today, available in red, brown, and black.