Mulch Dye Spray

Your landscaping can begin to look a little dull as spring fades into summer and the weather and sun takes its toll on your yard. Watering your plants maintaining the yard and trimming the bushes can keep you yard looking fresh and new. There is one area that has lost a little life; your mulch has faded and does not like it did when you originally laid it down. Mulch Refresh is a mulch dye spray that will renew your color mulch quick and easy.

A mulch dye spray is a concentrated liquid that can be used to add color back into your landscape where it is needed most. If you have a special event coming up, a large party, or just like to keep things looking their best, this is a simple solution for you.

There are a few supplies that you will need before you get started:

  • Grab some old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty
  • A pair of gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes
  • Multi-purpose sprayer, hand-held or backpack style will work
  • Some plastic or cardboard to cover the places you do not want colored

Mulch Refresh does more than just make your mulch look colorful again, it has many more benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of time of laying all new mulch
  • It is a fraction of the cost than buying bags
  • Quick additional curb appeal if you are listing you home

Mulch Refresh is safe for the environment; mulch dye spray will not harm your plants or animals after you apply it. The product has been tested to analyze the levels that determine if it is harmful or not to the surrounding areas where you apply it and the results came back that it is less harmful than your regular table salt.

Mulch Refresh sells mulch dye spray in the following colors, black, brown, and red.