Mulch Color Spray

Every year you lay fresh mulch around your landscaped yard and every year the color tends to fade as the seasons go by. When the color has gotten dull, what can you do to restore it so that it looks like you spent hours in the yard again? You can apply a mulch color spray to the top layer that will make the mulch look fresh and colorful again.

Mulch Refresh is a concentrated dye that can be mixed with water in a hand held multi-purpose garden sprayer and sprayed onto your existing mulch. Mulch color spray is a product that can save you time, energy, and money; one 16oz bottle of dye can cover 400 square feet of area.

At your local garden store a bag of colored mulch can cost around $3.50 a bag and it takes nine bags to cover 100 square feet, two inches deep that is a total of $31.50. Mulch Refresh color spray is $16.50 for one 16oz bottle that cuts cost by a good percentage.

To get the Best Results

You first want to rake your existing mulch to mix it up. With the colorant and water are mixed in the sprayer pump it a few times and begin spraying four to six inches above the mulch. You want to spray it vertically and then horizontally to ensure that the mulch is fully coated with the dye.

When spraying be careful not to get spray on your plants, stones, or any other areas that you would not want colored. If you rinse those areas with water as soon as you get dye on them will prevent staining or you can take precaution by covering those areas with plastic or cardboard.

Mulch Refresh sell the mulch color spray in the three most common colors, red, black, and brown. If you are interested in placing an order or have more questions about the product contact us.