Do it Yourself Mulch Color!

Years ago people would hire other people to do projects around the house, maintain their lawn, garden or to fix things. Now more and more people are looking on how to do things themselves by watching tutorials on YouTube or reading step by step instructions on line. It saves people a lot of money when they decide to build that simple bench, redo the cabinets or landscape their homes.

A do it yourself product on the market, Mulch Refresh, will recolor your existing mulch that has faded over the seasons. It is a specially concentrated dye that you can mix with water and just spray it on the old mulch to bring the color back to look like it was just laid.

First check to see how much mulch you still have on the ground, you want about an inch or more. Than take a rake or use your hands to mix it up a little before you spray, it will help it look even better. You will also want to cover the plants and any other areas your do not want color on with plastic or cardboard.

Take a bottle of Mulch Refresh, shake it really well, and pour 8oz of colorant in a multi-use garden sprayer (at least a gallon) and fill the rest of it with water. Stir up the colorant with the water with a stick and be sure that it is blended well.

Before you start spraying make sure you are wearing clothing you do not mind getting dirty and gloves to keep any dye from getting on your hands. When everything is all ready, pump the sprayer a few times and apply it to the mulch by holding the spray nozzle 4 to 6 inches above the area. To ensure that you have complete coverage over the area of mulch apply it vertically and horizontally.

Do it yourself mulch color is a project that you can do on a nice sunny day that will not take a lot of time or clean up when you are done.