Brown Mulch Dye

Brown 32oz Mulch DyeBrown Mulch is a very popular color among consumers because it has the appeal of looking more natural compared to other colors. That does not mean that the color will last longer and not fade as quick as other mulch on the market. After a long season the color can fade and look dull, or when the spring time rolls around you may notice that you flower beds are lacking. Instead of laying all new fresh mulch and dealing with the hassle, there is another option, Mulch Refresh brown mulch dye. It is a simple and easy product that is able to renew your once faded mulch to its original color. You just have to follow a few very basic steps to restore the color.

  1. Shake the bottle of dye.
  2. Pour 8 ounces into a gallon of water in a basic garden sprayer.
  3. Stir the dye and the water.
  4. Pump the sprayer.
  5. Begin to spray the color on the faded mulch in a horizontal direction.
  6. Then spray in a vertical direction to ensure complete coverage.
  7. Let dry for about an hour.

Mulch Refresh is a simple inexpensive mulch dye that you spray on to your existing mulch that can bring your landscape back to life.

Before and After!

Mulch Refresh Brown Mulch Dye

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