Black Mulch Dye

Black 32oz Mulch DyeConcentrated black mulch dye can be used to renew the color of you faded mulch.

When you originally lay down fresh new mulch the color is rich¬† and full but as the sun beats down on it and weather takes it’s toll it can begin to faded. Black mulch color can begin look like a dark grey as the color tends to wash out.¬†Mulch Refresh black dye is an easy solution to restore the color without laying all new mulch.

It is a simple concentrated black mulch dye that you mix with water and spray on your already existing mulch.

  1. Shake the bottle of dye.
  2. Pour 8 ounces into a gallon of water in a basic garden sprayer.
  3. Stir the dye and the water.
  4. Pump the sprayer.
  5. Begin to spray the color on the faded mulch in a horizontal direction.
  6. Then spray in a vertical direction to ensure complete coverage.
  7. Let dry for about an hour.

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