Mulch Refresh is dedicated to helping you brighten up your landscape when it has begun to fade. We take the time to make sure we are providing you a quality product and great service. Every batch is tested with special analyzing equipment to ensure it meets the set product standards. Our manufacturing facility is outfitted with stat-of-the-art equipment that can mix and grind materials to microscopic particle sizes. This technology provides you with consistent coverage and superior coating that will last the whole season.

We are a privately owned and operated company, located in Fleetwood, PA. If you have any questions or concerns about Mulch Refresh we are here to address them. Here are some frequently asked questions, and if you still have any additional comments contact us at info@mulchrefresh.com.

This do-it-yourself mulch colorant/dye is available in Red, Black, and Brown.Custom Milling View #1.2